Battle Cry

What part of “No!” don’t you
Seem to fucking understand?
I’m guessing there’s some
Major cerebral mishap going on
In that deluded cranial asylum
You call home to those thoughts.

I wish you could escape from
The padded cell you’ve created
Inside your misguided headspace.
Please start taking your fucking
meds or whatever it takes to help
You finally wake from this fictional

Nightmare “love story” you imagine.
I’m not Jack to your Sally, and I never
Will be. Not now, not in this universe,
Or any of the other multiverses ever.
The only place this has ever existed
Is in your daydreams and fantasies.

I’ve tried going easy on you and I guess
That was my biggest fuck up – being nice.
I’ve tried that, and shit bitch, it ain’t worked.
It’s just resulted in big games, fake names,
More faces than the god of many faces, but
This ain’t no game of thrones; no drama.

Your winter’s finally here. Game’s over, proving
I’m finally where I belong – at the top of my game.
Ruling this land while sitting atop my iron throne,
With my queen at my side, where she belongs.
I’ve given you an amnesty from the dogs of war.
But no more. Fuck this, it’s game over, lights out bitch!

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