Remixing Classics

There has been an exciting, recent development in the Christian household!

While on a roadtrip to the beach with Mrs Bob, I happened to press “play” on the car stereo.  I’d forgotten I had one of Eminem’s albums in there, but as I went to turn it off, as I was sure Mrs Bob wouldn’t want to listen to some angry white rapper spitting lyrics at an astonishing rate of knots, she stopped me.  Surprisingly, she likes Eminem!  According to her, there is a distinct pattern to his flow and style that was apparently transferable to my scribbles. I couldn’t see this myself, but I said that I was happy for her to prove me wrong.  So, I set her a challenge that she could take any one of my scribbles and apply this formula to it.  I’d then consider showcasing her “scribble-remix” to you guys, and see what you think.

Mrs Bob has looked over my work and the challenge has been accepted, so soon I’ll be able to share her remix with you.  Until then, will the real Mrs Bob please stand up?  My wife likes Eminem…… who knew?

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