The Story So Far

Well things are certainly hitting full speed in this household lately.  I’m now very busy with my writing, podcast, work and my social life. Yes surprisingly I have a social life. I have managed to write a good chunk of work for my next anthology over the last few weeks, and I think it’s some of my best work yet.  Even my test subject, Mrs Bob, (who has to read all my shit once I’ve vomited it from my brain on to some virtual paper), has said the same, which is very promising. I’m hoping that, at this rate, I’ll  have my second book ready and out for sale on Amazon, hopefully by the end of this year all being well.  It’s even got a title now, thanks in part to my wife’s genius, and I’m feeling very positive about it.

The big news this year, and the thing that I’m really surprised by most of all, is my “Ramblings of Bob Christian” podcast. I started it after some of the people who followed me on Twitter voted overwhelmingly in support of the crazy idea. This was a big step for me, as I’m not keen on public speaking at all. I never read my work in public, as I’m too socially awkward and suffer with dyslexia as well, but I decided to record a single podcast, just as a show that, if nothing else, I abide by the results of an online poll!

Well, I was blown away by the love and support from people that listened and their feedback. As a result, I’ve kept going with the podcasts and it gives me a chance to read some of my new scribbles, and discuss areas of autism that are close to my heart.  I want to raise  awareness of autism and share how I see life. The hardest part about this sometimes gruelling schedule for me, is fitting all this stuff in and being a bar monkey to boot.

I’ve also started to look at entering some poetry competitions this year. So, all in all, it looks like 2018 is  fast becoming a great year for me and the whole idea that I started off all those years ago seems to be growing suddenly from a tiny seed I first planted in 2005.

It’s fantastic how life can change and turn around for the better with a little bit of self-belief and the support of those loved ones close to you who completely believe in you.

Thank You

Stay Safe X



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