Different Strokes

The thing with working in the pub trade is this:, you will meet some very interesting people, especially if you work in an area that has high tourist trade. It’s one of the things I’ve come to love about being in South Devon.  This week, for example, we had a group of people visiting from Birmingham, which is near where I’m from originally.  A nice bunch down for a few days to attend a family “do”.

They came in for a few nights and I got talking to the blokes in the group. I know… “Steady Bob! That’s social interaction!”  Anyway, we really got on, as we had several shared interests, and this, mixed with the usual locals whose lives I get to watch unfold like some weird, unrehearsed soap opera, and people who live nearby just popping in as they’ve never been before always makes for a very unique and interesting workplace.  It’s always different and most of the time it’s enjoyable. Then you get what I lovingly refer to as the ‘instant asshole’ (just add alcohol). We don’t very often get them in here, but when one local person complained to a friend about the choice of wines available, and added “He’s got mental problems” while glancing at me… wrongly thinking that I couldn’t hear. I got quite upset. I’m pretty high functioning and most people don’t realise I’m Aspie, but this person knows that I’m Aspie and still said this. Who are they to say something like that??

After this I didn’t leave the bar area and got my waitstaff to deal with them. This was OK until one of the group snapped at me as they expected the bottle of wine they’d come and paid for at the bar to be taken to the table. I’m on my own in a busy bar and the wait staff hadn’t had a chance to take it over… the person had paid, held the bottle and placed it on the bar before returning to their table…  Together with several other snide comments from the table, I was pretty cross, because I had done nothing but be pleasant, and do my job to the best of my ability.

I find at this point that it’s generally best for me to focus and to just concentrate on the other customers who are pleasant, including those who regularly eat and drink with us through the quiet times. These are the customers that keep us going with their support, and we love them for it. This helps me to stay calm and avoid any kind of meltdown situation that might occur if I didn’t.

The following day we had a a busy lunch service which went off without any issues, so after making sure all the jobs were done, and the place looked clean, tidy and ready for the afternoon, I went back home for just over an hour’s relaxation with Mrs Bob before the evening session began.  The evening was a nice session as, after a busy early evening, I was left with a few tables in for the Sunday dinner and some good conversations with the guests, before going through my routines to close the pub down for the week. While I was doing this, I thought about the fun and games that had gone on over the weekend, and how I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth.  As I locked the door on my place of work and said goodnight, I was happy it was done, but excited for the week ahead and what that might hold.

Stay Safe X

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