I’ve started something that many people do at the beginning of the year for a week or two, maybe three if they’re really dedicated to it. Yes, I’ve joined the gym. Why have I done this seven months into the year? Well, it’s due to a number of things. One, I’m tired of having a silhouette resembling Alfred Hitchcock. Two, some customers have said that I’m tubby and that the exercise of going up and down the stairs in the pub might shift a few pounds. Three, my podiatrist told me I was damaging my feet being “seriously obese”. Four, I had a heart scare the other month, resulting in a ambulance ride to A&E. Five, I’m going to be topless later on in the year,when I start visiting the swimming pool.

That being said, I’ve set out a plan of going to the gym three times a week first thing in the morning, when there aren’t many people in the gym. I start with around half an hour on the treadmill while listening to the latest episode of my favourite podcast. This is a great way to clear the backlog of podcasts and to get my heart rate going. Then I hit the weights and work on my arms, legs and abs. Once I’ve got this routine going I’m planning to go to the gym Mon-Fri Tuesday and Thursday would be just using the treadmill only, until I can swim (I can’t yet as I have a new tattoo).

I have also stopped my habit of just eating junk and eating three to four times a day, I’m now eating two meals – one main and one sandwich-type meal. I’ve cut out the sugar-loaded fizzy drinks and sweets that I love, and I drink an average of seven pints of no added sugar orange and pineapple squash per day.

I’m not sure I can see any difference in my appearance, though Mrs Bob can. I can’t, however, deny the facts and the facts are I’ve dropped a couple of kilos in the first week which I’m happy with. After getting the equivalent weight in sugar out of the cupboard to see, I am pleased that its actually quite a loss.

So let’s see if I can get myself back into shape, well a shape other than round. I’ll keep you posted as to my progress on here, wish me luck guys and girls

Stay Safe X

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