New Idea

Over the last few days I’ve been revisiting an idea I had at the start of this year regarding some of my scribbles.

This idea was to take my words and put them to music, this could be a guitar, backbeat or a flute even I’ve no set idea as to what would work with it best, deep down I’d like to try turning them into some type of rap, I’m sure that most of you are thinking hmmmm middle aged white guy rapping did you learn nothing from Robert (Vanilla Ice ) Van Winkle I guess not lol.

So I’d like to offer an open invite to any budding musicians computer whizzes etc that would like to take on this project, I can’t guarantee fame and fortune, I’m just looking for like minded curious types to help take things in another creative direction.

If your interested in looking over the scribbles I’m referencing then hit me up via e mail.

Stay Safe X

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