Sci-Fi, Archery & Magic

I’ve just had a long-awaited holiday… well a holiday of sorts. I booked a couple of days off work, which then coincided with my usual two days off, thus giving me four straight days away from the pub and all that responsibility.

Time to relax and have some quality time with Mrs Bob and my friends! (Yes, I do have friends). I had plans for my time off. On Saturday, I had been given a pair of press passes for Exeter Film & Comic Con as a result of my running of SDGS (South Devon Geek Squad) with Mrs Bob. This is, as the name suggest, a gathering of Film, TV, Games & Comic books, which takes place every September. As I don’t currently have my car (a long and different story for another day) Mrs Bob drove us up there to see what this year’s event had in store for us.

It was a lot smaller than previous years, and the majority of the stands were selling collectables, second-hand comics and figurines. The guests were not as good as expected. Previous years had some heavy hitters in the TV and Movie world, including two Dr Who actors, Red Dwarf leads & Bobba Fett, comic book legends, etc, but this year it was almost a case of the guy who controlled a robot on an obscure TV show and the stuntman from some movie. There was one thing I did see, and was very impressed with… an exact replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future Two. I’m a fan of the BTTF franchise and particularly loved the second film from the trilogy. Imagine my joy when I found out that you could try to get in it and have your picture taken. This was the highlight of the convention for me. It was a bit of a squash, given my height (6’5″) and long legs, but still.

We didn’t stay long for that reason, and were home before midday.

I spent the rest of the day doing things around the house with Mrs Bob, watching some TV and relaxing. I also wrote a quick scribble after someone upset me online, and I decided to use my skills to express how I felt about them. Later that evening, I paid a visit to a pub in a nearby village that some of my friends visit on a Saturday evening. It was great to catch up with them and hear what’s been going on with them, catch up on some gossip and fill them in on what’s been going on with my life since I last saw them.

Early on Sunday morning, I took the opportunity to visit my old archery club and one of my closest friends while he’s down from university. This was exceptionally special, as I don’t get to catch up with Tom very often in person, plus I haven’t been since I had to stop shooting with the club due to work commitments. It was great to get my bow out and shake off the dus, to see if I can still shoot straight. If you’re wondering, I hit all gold (bullseyes) every time, so I’ve apparently still got it.

I had a great time but it was lovely to get back home and spend a relaxing afternoon with Mrs Bob watching a silly animated film “The Secret Life of Pets” and just chilling out with no particular thing to do. It’s so nice to spend a weekend with my wife, cat and very close friends before the week began. But I still had two days off!

Monday began with an early trip to Newton Abbot to drop off my rental car, then wait for Mrs Bob to pick me up and take me home, but she had other ideas! It’s time for a 175 mile round road-trip to one of her favourite places – Glastonbury – the town not the festival. It’s a very wonderful town full of magical shops selling potions, herbs, candles and spell books, etc. There is one shop that is quite literally straight outta Hogwarts! The only downside is that as you walk in, there is a cacophony of strong incense smells that can be too much for people on the spectrum, like me. Other than that, it’s wonderful and very much worth the visit. We grabbed a bite to eat at place that holds special memories for Mrs Bob; her very favourite eatery is a quirky vegetarian joint called The Blue Note, that sums up the whole vibe of the town.

When we got home, we decided to relax with a classic movie that we both missed first time round, and came with a great geek recommendation from a mate. Avengers Infinity Wars was the perfect end to the perfect day with a very special person. It makes me realise that I don’t get too many weekends with my lovely family and friends, so I must make the most of them, and my downtime.

Stay Safe X

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