The Small Cogs

This weekend has been a very hectic one. After the hectic and somewhat heady high of Thursday evening’s poetry slam, it was back to the normal routine of my daily life.

This weekend was a little different from my usual weekly routine though because the owners of the company I work for were away on a little vacation over the weekend. So, alongside a few extra hours, which I’m always happy to do, I was left in charge of running the pub and locking up. No pressure then.

The weekend went fairly smoothly, with the occasional blip, like changing a real ale barrel when the bar is busy, only to find a second barrel had gone just after the first one. These things are sent to try us, I guess. The weekend drew to a quieter close than normal as no live music or pizzas were done on the Sunday evening. This was a nice thing, because due to an admin error, I was the only front of house staff on during Sunday. This meant that instead of my usual split shift, when I get to eat, shower and spend some quality time with Mrs Bob, I was on from open til close. Not that I minded, as it’s what I’m paid to do and chef was nice enough to put me some food through just before he went home, so I could sit at a table next to the bar and eat. When it came time to clear and restock the bar, I was ready to go home and looking forward to a couple of days off. On the Monday, yesterday, I had nothing to do but buy a comic book and see where the beautiful yet unseasonably warm autumnal day took me. Today, however, I have a very long and nerve wracking lodge meeting, but that’s another story for another day.

This week at work is going to be a really busy one, with a table of 40-ish for two of the evenings night, but it keeps me busy. One misaligned cog no matter how small can stop the biggest of machines causing it to fail. I know that, like this weekend, no matter how busy it gets, if you have a great team working alongside you, instead of for themselves, things will run like clockwork.

After this weekend I’m more appreciative than ever of my downtime and those moments spent with my loved ones (and Doggers the cat) even if it’s just sitting doing our own thing alongside each other or watching some trashy TV show while crashed out in bed with Mrs Bob. They are the truly lovely times.

Stay Safe X

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