Rewind and Remix

As it’s world poetry day I decided to share a little something with you. This is from an idea I’ve had to rework some of my poetry. I was going to call the book the Remix Tapes. This is the remix of a piece called Cheer Up.
Cheer Up (2019)
I hear people every day saying 
Stupid shit, making no sense.
That makes me angry. Blood
Starts boiling when you say 
Cheer Up.
Why don’t you do this world 
A massive favour? Please don’t
Reproduce and clog the filter
On the fucking gene pool.
If I had a pound for the times
I’ve heard that ridiculous phrase
I’d be Bruce-Wayne-wealthy.
Could afford a therapist to fix me.
Hey! Why not use the same 
Messed up logic to tell a 
Paraplegic to just get off
His lazy ass and walk it off?
Thing is, you don’t know my
Story – what I’ve been through.
Those words can’t fix everything 
In my life or the lives of others.
If those words don’t work, what’s 
Next? A whispered word to a deity 
To raise me from this neurochemical
State of despair with magic words?
Maybe the answer is to go out – make
Friends. Hold aloft my shot glass.
Become my alter ego – that great
Social superhero Party Man.
The solution to this situation being
A cocktail of medication, instead of
Conversation about our situation…
Ultimately leading to devastation.  

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