Recharge the Soul

This weekend has been a very relaxing one in the Bob household. It was desperately needed after doing eight (very long) days straight at work. I literally had no plans as I just needed to unwind big time. This is mainly because with my job I have to “people” quite intensely for up to eleven hours a day. This can cause me to become really physically and mentally exhausted at points, due to the amount of effort it takes to work and socialise with customers, while staying focused on the job at hand.

So, I decided after a late night at work on Friday to have a lie in on Saturday morning. Well, that was the plan – it’s just a shame that Dog (our cat) didn’t get the memo and decided to wake us up at 2.15am and again at 5am, to announce that he had proudly brought us a gift. So I got up and did the usual small animal corpse removal, told him he’s a good boy through tired gritted teeth and tried to get back to sleep. I managed to sleep till about half eight, which is better than nothing I guess.

After our morning coffee, I decided I wanted to head up to Newton to trade in some computer games that I’d either completed or got bored with. This gave Mrs Bob and me a chance to do our own things in the town. She’s not a fan of game shops (long story) and I’m not a fan of looking around market food stalls, so we both win. We came home with a small haul, and decided to have a relaxing afternoon with a film. Mrs Bob chose, as I chose last time, with Clerks 2, so we watched Peggy Sue Got Married. It’s not my type of film, but I said I’d give it a go as Mrs Bob loves it, and it wasn’t actually that bad. After that, I caught up on some writing for my new project and played some computer games. The evening was spent watching The Goldbergs (we are on Season 3) and catching up on my podcast-listening while enjoying a nice hot bath.

On Sunday, Dog decided repeat his Fierce Hunter thing, except this time, it was a small piece of cloth he’d obviously “killed” outside and Mrs Bob found it when she got up to see what he was miaowing about. We had a relaxing morning in bed watching a new Ghost Adventures, a favourite show of ours, before getting up and going to our favourite beach, Broadsands, for a walk along the front. Even though the weather was very blowy and cold it didn’t matter as I was with my wife, and when we’re there, the rest of the world could cease to exist and I wouldn’t notice. If your phone was flat you’d find a plug socket to recharge it. When I’m drained I just need the sea or a river and Mrs Bob to totally recharge my soul.

After a great day together and a wonderful Sunday roast, we did what we do every Sunday evening, and video-called my eldest daughter, Mini Bob, and my granddaughter to catch up with her and see what’s new in their lives. Every time we talk to her, I’m reminded of how grown-up she’s become. She’s got her own place and is back at college working hard, all while raising a very cute (in my opinion) little baby on her own. We are so proud of her.

After this weekend, I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to face what the next week has to throw at me. So come on world, bring it ooooooonnnnnnn…………..

Stay Safe X

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