Living for the Weekend.

Well that has been a very busy few days! Eight back-to-back, in total, as a result of me trying to do a favour for another member of staff so they could sort out a few personal problems. I later discovered that this wasn’t the case, and I’ve learnt not to be so trusting of people now – even those I think of as “good friends”.

It was so busy, mainly because the weather has been on our side – it’s been extremely hot. The last two of the shifts were very long ones, in fact, the worst was the last one – by the end of it, I was hot, sweaty, and running out of glasses and supplies.

This last shift really took its toll on me. Not because of the fact it was a long shift or that we were incredibly busy. It was a combination of the constant wave of noise from things like background music and customers talking at me. Some of them were very rude about the time they’d had to wait, even though they could see that I was on my own and trying my hardest. Combined with the onslaught of questions and having to do the whole small talk thing, I just about reached my limit.

After all the stress and pressure of the shift, I joined the rest of my colleagues and started the mammoth task of clearing up, restocking the bar, etc. More importantly, though, I had a chance to catch both my breath and my thoughts. Then, after locking up, walking into the warm night air was wonderful as was driving out of the village and watching the lights disappear into the distance.

I was looking forward to a well-deserved two days off work to rest and recharge, ready for another busy week.

Stay Safe X

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