Winter is Coming

As summer draws to its inevitable conclusion for this year, I am looking back at what a year it’s been so far work-wise.

After starting my new job in January, there have been some highs and lows. It’s had some almost major soap plot type dramas, good laughs and some great friends. In fact, it’s been a mostly great time. I’m not saying it’s been easy in any way, especially during this summer, which has been one of the hottest I can recall. This has meant we have been very busy, in fact most days we have been booked to full capacity and extending food service to all day, to cope with the demand.

The biggest issues for me as an Aspie has been trying not to get overwhelmed when the bar is rammed and I’m dealing with it on my own. “Anyone would have that issue,” I hear you cry. Well yes, they might, but alongside that comes the overwhelming volume of noise that it brings. For someone on the spectrum, this can not only be uncomfortable, painful even, but it can also be disorientating and can affect some motor skills. Not to mention not hearing the customers orders correctly!

Combined with long shifts (11 hours) and not getting enough sleep, this can mean that I get grumpy. Not with the customer who was rude to me, or one who made an ableist comment, but I t’s unfortunately those I love most like Doggers or Mrs Bob (mainly Mrs Bob). I’m very sorry for being a grumpy old so and so during these times. It does, however, make me extremely thankful for my two consecutive days off every week, as they give me a chance to recharge my batteries and reconnect with my closest loved ones, including my weekly video chat with my daughter, who’s up country.

It’s these little things that make everything worth while.

After seeing what summer can be like in this job, it’s made me very thankful for so many things. Good friends, work mates and my little family. So, can I ask you all to take five minutes to step back from whatever is going on in your life and say three things you’re thankful for. Mine are:

Mrs Bob

My Friends

My health

Stay Safe X

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