Singularity Paradox

To all of my single friends.

I give you some words of advice……

Singularity Paradox

What is it to be single?

It’s more than a status

It can mean many things

I’m improving myself

Or that you just refuse

To accept second best

Family, friends loneliness,

Online and peer pressure

Can’t say you’re missing

something or someone.

For a heart to truly break

It begins by being whole.

Stop worrying about your

Online friends, Home Movie

It’s not always what it seems

Ask yourself how many takes

Did that insta picture take?

Why can’t we see backstage

I’m not all negative, yes some,

Relationships will sink what’s

worst than being alone, nothing

Right, Wrong! Eternal loneliness

While holding someone’s hands?

Stay Safe X

(C) Bob S Christian

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