More Reasons to be Happy

After all my fun and excitement yesterday when I tried shopping like a normal person not on an iPad, I woke after a bad night. After discussing things with my wife, we decided I needed to get back on the horse, as it were, and go to another supermarket. My driving force here was a hankering for pork scratchings and corn chips.

Obviously, Mrs Bob came too, as we’ve decided we must do these things together from now on, and she drove to a different chain of supermarkets, 10 miles away. As we drove, we talked and discussed certain topics of the day – I think that’s a ploy by Mrs Bob to distract me – but it was typical middle-aged couple type stuff, set to the soothing sounds of Radio Two. It was a calm and uneventful trip, and I devoured the chips… they made me feel much better.

Upon returning home, I started watching Hotel Artimus while Mrs Bob did her thing. Later, we just cuddled up with no phones, tablets, or TV and discussed where we wanted to go with our writing, while chilling out. I made us a hot drink and trimmed Ericsson, our Dracaena, while Mrs Bob started changing the bed upstairs, singing along to Motown hits. I went up, as it sounded like a party. Who knew that changing the bed together and dancing could be so brilliant? It’s amazing how time and the right person can make things so much better. I’m not saying we’re perfect or that we have all the answers, just that this is our little life. Just Mrs Bob, Dog the cat and me. I love it.

It’s days like this that really make you forget all the horrible stuff that’s happened.

So, look ahead and…..

Stay Safe X

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