Weekend Paradox

Last weekend was a paradoxical one – the same yet, very different. It began with my trip to the barbers on Saturday, as I do every two weeks or so. If you know me, then I’m sure I just heard you yelling or laughing at the screen. Mainly asking why I go to a barber! Well, I need my beard trimmed and sculpted to maintain this look. Here’s where it began, at the barbers, I waited for my usual guy, Marc, who I’ve been going to for a long time. He’s into the same things as me and I really enjoy talking to him about fantastically geeky stuff. He was very busy, though, and I was told I could wait 40 minutes or so, or step out of my comfort zone and see someone else. I decided to go for it. This was a strange situation for me, as it’s taken nearly two years to get to the relaxed stage with Marc. It was slightly awkward to begin with, but I managed to avoid the silences nicely with the new guy.

Then I spent the weekend doing the usual relaxing and occasionally annoying Mrs Bob. I even managed to get a trip in to a (different) supermarket with Mrs Bob, which after the other weekend was good going for me. I got a couple of my medals engraved, grabbed some snacks and we headed home. Then to do something different, i decided to clear my office as it was getting cluttered … EMRACING CHANGE!

Strangely, it was a nice feeling. There were lots of things that I don’t need now, and it was quite therapeutic to rearrange stuff if I’m honest, but shhhhhh I may get my Aspie card revoked!

The following day I went to the beach with Mrs Bob. “It’s nearly October,” I hear you say. Well, it may be, but it’s still warm down here. In fact, I’d say it’s warmer than last year. We hit the pier and played a couple of games in the arcade there, chips on the seafront, and a walk on the beach with my girl. This was the high point of my days off. It’s also the memory I’ll hold close while doing ten days straight at work this week and next. I can’t think of anything better at all than being by the sea with her.

So, the result was a weekend that was the same, but completely different at the same time.

Stay Safe

P.S Thank you for the recent chats on social media and all the likes & follows. I love interacting with each and every one of you.

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