Allow me to introduce myself to you.

These are the results of historical,

Psychological, emotional and physical

Abuse. My brain should be fried, after

Drink, street and prescription drugs.

Issues hiding for years up in here.

Squatting inside this dark cranium.

Therapists have tried evicting ’em,

Seemed like I was stuck with them.

Then someone came, shedding light.

Thanks to her, I’ve got those answers

I’d been searching for. Closure. New

Beginnings – an identity I can relate

To. Atypical, not neurotypical, bitches.

I’d faced persecution, snake oil cures.

I’ve heard fucked up shit about 5G,

Inside jobs like 9/11, faked moon landing,

It’s nothing on the latest “cause” of my

Neurocondition. Not vaccines this time,

Pealing bells, marriage vows caused it.

I’d love to see the data to back it up.

You’ve none? Why am I not surprised…

Back the fuck up, I’ll stack the facts up,

If not for her I’d be broken, toking, getting

Off my head, shipwrecked, washed up.

I’m a gentleman now, with a brotherhood.

Stood, took my oaths, raised in the third

Degree, wrote four books. This success a result of

Teamwork. A bond you’ll never break, trust me.

Smarter people tried and failed. We prevailed.

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