Yesterday I did something that I’ve never done before or thought I would. I used my platform on social media. To publicly attack someone for a something that was said. I know I’m being vague but I’m not bringing it back up.

The original post on my timeline was deleted by them and I deleted the post across my social media presence. I have since apologised to that person on the phone away from all this circus and resolved the issue. Unfortunately during this aforementioned fuster cluck other people joined in saying things on this public forum about Mrs Bob that we’re completely untrue and very hurtful.

I would therefore like to ask that they follow my example and begin to the process of reconciliation by apologising for what was said in anger. I’m not saying it needs to be public far from it in fact. I’d rather this was a private thing.

All this aside yesterday taught me a valuable lesson. It’s all very well having a public image, voice and presence on the stage that is the interwebz. You just have to be mindful of the things you say or do as the world is watching and waiting for you to make a mistake. When you do it’s a very unforgiving place. There is a place and time for everything.

Stay Safe X

2 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. I had a situation in a group chat where i forgot to make a payment towards a trip i am going on at Easter and a woman publicly attacked me for it. My other friends were shocked. there was no need for it. She hasn’t apologised. Social media can be a fantastic, supportive platform but can also muster up a lot of hurt feelings. Happy New Year Bob, hoping 2020 brings great things.

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