Breaking News…

While I had some downtime at Geek Towers this week, Mrs Bob suggested I try something new. No, no, nothing like that, you filthy lot! She suggested I try to start a Patreon page to share my latest scribbles and whatnot.

I must say, I was unsure about this new direction, but having had a look and done my research, it does seem like a new way forward for me as a brand. I’m still going to keep blogging, raising awareness and the roof, but the difference is I’ll be dropping some of the freshest, slickest verses I’ve ever written (according to others) each month, on my Patreon page.

So, if you’d like to see my new work, plus random behind the scenes, pictures & videos and a chance to get a mention on all my future book releases, then click the link below and help support an Aspie as I try to raise autism awareness…and hopefully have a few laughs too, who knows.

Love to you all.

Stay Safe X

Patreon (The Aspie Poet)

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