Back to the Chair

Well that’s great. I got up this morning and my spine decides to get a mood on, leaving me in a lot of pain and discomfort and losing some sensation in my left leg. This normally wouldn’t bother me too much, as I’m used to it – it’s been an issue since I had a motorcycle accident in Nov ’03. I woke up the following day in hospital and since then it’s been a regular companion and problem in my life.

The issue is that I had a wedding to attend and a visit to see my daughter and my beautiful little granddaughter. I only get to see my granddaughter occasionally, although we do regularly video chat with her and my daughter. This wedding was a great chance to catch up on Mrs Bob’s family from up country. So you can imagine how fucked off I am to be laid up, whacked out of reality on some strong-ass prescription pain relief and muscle relaxants. I’m angry as hell because I’ve planned every little bit of the trip. Car serviced, once overed, then my body gives out on me. Folds faster than superman on laundry day, leaving me feeling like I’ve let down so many people. To my daughter, granddaughter, Mrs Bob & her family I’m very sorry.

Stay Safe X

1 thought on “Back to the Chair

  1. How could this state of affairs be your fault? We all believe that we are the masters of our destiny. That we are the ones in charge of our bodies. But these are lies. Our bodies do what they want & damn the consequences and sure as hell damn any plans we may have made.

    I send you much sympathies because your body is being such a heartless bitch. I also send you a whole truck load of healing thoughts. And hope your back sorts itself out très rapide!!


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