Pick me up

By Bob W Christian

This could be used, when a friend, family member or even a loved one. Needs a little bit of a pick up after some bad news, a break up etc. You could always reword this blessing if, it’s in fact you that needs a little pick me up.

Additionally you could while doing this ritual, write down the things you wish to either let go of, or the change you wish see in your life. Then set fire to it (safely) and send those intentions into the universe.

Personal Blessing

Earth Mother and Sky Father
I invoke you, please watch over (name).

May the warmth of the new day’s sun
Refresh their energies anew this day.

May the light of moon goddess
Restore them softly as they sleep.

May the refreshing rain cleanse
Them, washing their worries away.

May the cool wind’s breeze gently
Blow new strength into their being.

May they walk, softly through this world
Seeing it’s beauty, all their remaining days

I use these words to call on thee
This is my will.
So note it be.


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