Off With His Head…

Well it’s official – my holiday has begun; Mrs Bob and I set off yesterday for a lovely little resort in Cornwall. This meant that as we had to stop off at our favourite American-style diner, as we always do when we visit Cornwall, for a nice bite to eat. It’s kind of a routine for us. I always have a burger with cheese double stacked (i.e. 2 burgers not one) as I’m a growing boy. The diner was surprisingly busier than usual which was a little bit of an issue as there was lots of conversations to try and block out, but the food made it worth our while.

Then it was back on the road for the remaining drive to the resort. When we arrived, it was really worth the drive; we have a riverside lodge and, as it’s December,the resort is fairly quiet so we can just relax, enjoy the silence and do as much or as little as we want. The resort has a swimming pool, sauna, gym and spa, etc, so it’s the beginning of three full days of total rest, relaxation, sightseeing. Oh, and it’s also our wedding anniversary while we are away. So today we made the first stop on our tour –  the extremely creepy, somewhat harrowing and maybe haunted Bodmin Jail. This building is very large and imposing as you drive up through the entrance gates into the prison like so many of the sad and some innocent souls had done before us. The jail itself has lots of exhibits that told stories of some of the ineatest and what they had been imprisoned for. There were some people that really were despicable and deserved the trip to the gallows. Then there were some who really didn’t deserve to be locked up in such a cold and dank hell hole or in one case executed simply for setting fire to a neighbouring farmers corn in retaliation for the same. As we went round the jail and saw the exhibits there was a real sense of pain and suffering – even when you saw the prison conditions in modern times in comparison, it still left me feeling that if i was locked up at this jail that I would certainly be sharing my cell with more than just the living. I would hazard a guess that the exhibition would certainly come to life late at night when the lights go out and the last mortal leaves the building.

After we finished the tour, we had a nice coffee and looked at our pictures from that morning, and had a chat. We then drove back to the resort for a light lunchtime snack by the lake and some cheesy television like The Goldbergs and Big Bang Theory. It’s times like this that I really appreciate the small things in life, even if it’s just a coffee and a cuddle with the woman I love. My advice to you is that there is always time – if you don’t think you have time, then make time to make the memories.

Stay Safe x

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