A New Chapter?

This week has seen the my latest project reach a wonderful conclusion.

Let’s start at the beginning. Back in early December, I picked up my virtual quill and began to write some more scribbles again; something that I hadn’t really done since I put the finishing touches to my last book, “Behind The Mask”. I also started on a different writing path by telling my life story, which has a working title of “Life Before the Social Media Generation” a project which I’m still only halfway through. I was happy to take a break from it, as it was really emotionally draining to write and it was starting to have an adverse effect on my health.

Having started to scribble again after a break of nearly ten years, I was unsure as to whether I still had the ability to do it. Would I still have anything of relevance to say anymore?

There was one thing I had to write about now and that was that since my first book, I had finally found out I was autistic and had started blogging about it. I had also started doing a podcast covering the same subject. This gave me the idea to write and share a piece of poetry at the beginning of each podcast as a way to test the water, so to speak, and see if I still had it in me.

I started getting feedback from various sources about the new pieces of work I was beginning to put out. Most was very encouraging; some said it was very fierce, even angry; some suggested that I could put my new style to music.

This was just the spark that I needed to get back into the game and begin a brand new project, full of scribbles that I feel are an improvement on my last book. So, over the last few months I’ve been writing about all sorts of subjects and I’ve even got an up and coming spellcaster – D Burton – on board to look at some of my work and remix it with a unique flavour and style, and boy was I impressed with the results.

So after getting the work together and having Mrs Bob proofread and even drop a great scribble herself, we just needed a title for this project. It had a working title of “Through the Mask” but I wasn’t using that as it didn’t feel right, so during a brainstorming session with Mrs Bob, we came up with a name for the book we both agreed was pretty dope: “Scribblology”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Stay Safe X

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