A week away

As you know recently I’ve been hitting the gym hard, and the results were not really that noticeable at all, apart from every Monday morning when I would take a deep breath and with some trepidation step onto the dreaded scales, for the weekly weigh in. This was not as bad as it seemed, because I could see some results, if only small ones. I had found that I was losing about two kilograms a week, which was something.

Then tragedy struck….. the gym is closed for three weeks for a complete refurb of the equipment and new furnishings, which is much needed to be frank. This means that I can’t keep my usual routine going. I can, however, do one of two things. Firstly, I could sign up for group classes with lots of strangers, which starts my anxiety off big time – one, because I hate groups especially at the gym; two, because most of the attendees are the usual toned, good-looking-catalogue-model types who turn up in their best clothes with hair and makeup (in the girls’ cases) done to perfection. They tend to look down on us regular slobs.

The other alternative is to drive for half an hour or so and use one of the other gyms in the chain, providing, of course, that I have phoned ahead and asked them for permission to visit their centre and use the gym. It’s a very frightening thought, going to a new gym, as I’m not sure where the centre is (and I can’t go somewhere without knowing exactly where it is and what’s there), etc. As a result, I’ve been left with no option but to try exercising at home until the gym is reopened.

While I’ve been away from the gym I’ve been wondering what was happening with my weight, and with no regular weigh-in sessions, my mind has been working overtime, so I decided to weigh myself. Lo and behold, I’ve actually put back on the stone in weight I’d lost.

I mean, I’ve cut down big time on all the bad stuff – I’m only eating one (very healthy) meal a day and maybe a sandwich if I’m hungry later on. I’ve done everything I normally do except the exercise and the weight is piling back on. This has led me to wonder what’s the point if all the good work can be undone in seven days how bad will it be after the near two more weeks before the gym is open again.

Stay Safe X

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