Hate Speach

This evening while at the bar I came across something I’ve normally only seen online, and from someone who’s profession is such that I would expect better from them.

It started with a teacher who is also a local parish councillor and one of my regulars discussing various decisive subjects such as Donald J Trump and Brexit I tend to stay away from such subjects as they often cause heated discussions between those involved and I like to keep some sort of harmonious environment in the bar area.

This was fine until the said teacher began discussing vaccines which I stayed out of until he said that he hadn’t vaccinated his children as giving a child the MMR vaccine at 2 months old (it’s not given till 12-13 months old) would cause irreparable damage. He then began quoting the now barred and discredited Dr Andrew Wakefield’s research paper. I asked him if he was aware the research had been proven untrue and that as a result he was de registered as a doctor.

British Medical Journal Findings

The gentleman went on to say that Wakefield was right and it was a conspiracy to control the population. The regular then laughed at this comment as did a couple of other customers. Then came the worst remark I’ve ever heard personally. He then went onto say that he would rather not vaccinate his kids than have them become autistic as autistic people are such a drain on society and the NHS.

I nearly lost my temper with the customer at this point. I mean for someone who is supposed to be an educator this is such a ridiculous opinion regarding vaccines, but to then top that off with such a vile hateful and sweeping statement about the autistic community. Is disgusting, incorrect and damaging. I know a number of autistic people like me that have achieved so much. I could list the number of famous people that are on the autism spectrum. I could show figures and statistics to back this up but most people know that statement was factually inaccurate and wrong.

It saddens and angers me that in this day and age. That people will openly spew such vile things in a public place. Until now I’ve only experienced such hate speech online. Where the poster can hide behind anonymity and a computer screen. It seems that some people are now getting brave and regurgitating the rubbish they read and spout on the internet in public.It’s a shame that these kind of views still exist, be careful and as always.

Stay Safe X

1 thought on “Hate Speach

  1. Wow what a righteous jerk. I’m sorry those views still exist, there’s so much misinformation, you did well to not lose your temper and to write about it instead!

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