New Years Revolutions

On New Year’s Eve, we gathered together or stayed at home to watch the world say goodbye to the last twelve months and everything it had brought with it, good or bad. We also celebrated the turning of the wheel and the start of another year on this planet, most people will have made some sort of resolution about their life over the coming year, be it losing weight, more exercise, giving up smoking or drinking less. Whether they stick to it is another matter.

This year, I decided that I would no longer sit idly by and let people walk all over me. I’ve been allowing it to happen in a certain situation for nearly 19 months. The person concerned has got away with murder and I’ve never once complained about them or their attitude and actions, which have really impacted on me.

It happened a bit early for me though, on New Year’s Eve. The person was again rubbing my face in the fact that that they are apparently better than me and could do what they want, when they want, without consequence. So, as the bells chimed and rang in the new year, I made a decision and took a stand for myself and for my dignity. This was my year, I decided, and I was starting it right. With that, I finally told certain people that I was unhappy with how I was being treated and asked that they look at the evidence presented and make the playing field level, rather than being stacked against me.

The outcome became irrelevant in the end, because I had finally taken a stand and made my voice heard. It may not have sparked a revolution within the establishment, but I’m setting a precedent for myself. From now on, I will stand up appropriately for myself – if I’m unhappy ill say so instead of being forced by my nerves and anxiety to keep quiet, and suffering from headaches, bad stomachs and being grumpy to live with.

So I guess I have done the “new year, new me” thing after all!

Happy new year to everyone reading this, and apologies for the late posting. I hope it’s a really good year for you all.

Stay Safe X

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