The (not so) Mighty

I recently came across an article saying that The Mighty has apparently partnered up with the group controversial group Autism Speaks (AS).

I have been an occasional contributor to The Mighty, and I have also shared a number of articles from them on my various social media platforms, which might have, in turn sent people to their website.

I’m hoping that people who read this article will do some research, and come to their own conclusions. But I also feel that I need to have a discussion of some kind with the founders of The Mighty about my concerns about this partnership.

I’m aware just how much site traffic The Mighty gets from parents looking for answers to day-to-day issues regarding their children with autism. However, as I am someone who is on the autism spectrum (or neurodivergent), and someone who has contributed to their site, I cannot hide my disappointment, or that I find the partnership with AS both disgusting and unsettling.

AS has referred to autistic children as a burden! Their approach has consistently been one of ‘fixing’ the autistic individual, thus helping the patent of a disabled child relieve their ‘burden’. Instead of seeing that autism is not a burden, and helping autistic individuals to grow, learn and develop. AS may not be hell-bent on a ‘curing’ Autism anymore, but they aren’t exactly encouraging parents to nurture their children and celebrate their differences, as parents should.

AS also refuses to do much of anything to help autistic young adults and adults.

I’m hoping that people will take note of this particular partnership between The Mighty and Autism Speaks and spread the word. I have many of my blog posts and poems that I would share but I can longer in good conscience share my work with The Mighty when they partner with an organisation that preaches a eugenics policy. I cannot support that.

I’m sure The Mighty has suffered from, and will continue to suffer from this kind of PR nightmare, and will undoubtedly bounce back. I’m hopeful that if enough contributors and members of the autism community take a stand and raise their voices, that The Mighty might take note of us and end this disastrous partnership and support the autistic community properly.

Stay Safe X

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