I’m very shocked and angered to receive an email from someone over my beliefs. I’ve only recently shared them publicly and to have someone attack Mrs Bob & myself in such a way is disgusting, hypocritical (turn the other cheek) and makes me very angry. I have deleted the sender’s name because I’m not that vindictive, also I won’t tell so don’t ask.

Dearest xxxx

I won’t beat around the bush but come straight to the point.
xxxx, I am deeply concerned, to discover your’s and xxx’s paths are Wicca. I wonder what ever led you into that and why you have sold your Souls to the devil ( Satan). Worshipping the moon goddess and the horned god can only lead you down paths into darkness. Worshipping pagan gods and nature, casting spells and writing books on Wicca really is very serious. As a Christian, and knowing a God of love tells me that God’s power is the only true source of power. God is the God of truth and our foundation rests on the words of Jesus ” I am the way and the truth and the life.” We are also warned of the dangers in magic, tarot card reading, casting spells, sorcery, trying to harness and focus cosmic or psychic energy to bring about some desired change, divination. I could go on for ever but I won’t. I believe in the spirit world and that Satan is very clever at appearing as an angel of light but it is lie there is only one Spirit of light and that is the Holy Spirit. Witchcraft has been around a very long time but its promises are empty. Nature and wildlife are wonderful, sunrises and sunsets are amazing and the love of people are all the outward signs of God’s love as are many more glorious things. All gifts from God and through and in them we can worship Him but never worship them in and for themselves. We need to be good stewards of his world and sadly we are failing, please God and through prayer and caring people things will improve.

Please accept this in the loving way it is sent. As a Spiritual Director of more than thirty years I do know what I am talking about.

Much love,

I’m deeply shocked at the way this person has felt they have the right to attack Mrs Bob & myself, I’ve never once called out someone of any faith or belief structure on their beliefs. I’ve read the Bible, Koran, Tibetan book of the dead out of curiosity into other beliefs and cultures.

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