Greetings to the big old interwebz from little old me.

Where do I start I’m a Father, Husband, Dyslexic, poet, Archer & Coffee lover oh yes I’m also on the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) with a DX of Aspergers. This blog is just me going on about random stuff that happens in an around my life.

I though whilst putting my poetry book back together that I should have a space to just say random things. I use poetry to express those pesky thing that you NT’s (Neurologically Typical) find so easy, yes emotions.

Well if you wanted to describe me I guess I’m a cross between Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang theory and maybe Homer Simpson so here goes nothing…….

P.S This Blog unlike my published works is totally unchecked and is me warts (spelling and grammatical errors) and all. I shall be setting up a social media presence at some point soon.

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