Back to the Future

I’ve been looking back at the last twelve months of my life and it’s amazing the difference a year makes.

This time last year I was struggling with my mental health. I was a very angry person, trying to get my head around things. I was trying to put a second book together while also working on a very emotionally draining autobiography that covered my younger years. This was probably not the best of ideas, in retrospect, as it covered some very traumatic events in my younger life and the resulting suicidal ideas that dogged me for my 20s.

Going over those memories in detail brought up a lot of bad stuff, and while I tried to focus the anger and hatred into my scribbles, I don’t think I managed my emotional state very well. To top it off, I was putting a huge amount of pressure on myself to get my next book published and Mrs Bob had some physical health problems too. As a result, my physical health suffered, and my mental health declined. It was a recipe for disaster, and the time from November to February was a truly dreadful time for me.

Fast forward to the present, and things have really changed, I’m healthier than ever, and less stressed than I can remember. I’ve learned to relax this time while I put my next book together, and alongside this I’ve achieved so much. I got to perform at the poetry breakfast at the Ways With Words Literary festival, and got some nice feedback. In a week’s time, I’m doing my very first personal appearance where people are paying to see me and two other poets perform.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter where you are in your story, or the world, and however you are feeling, time does make a difference. So even if your life doesn’t seem to be going the way you want it, step back give it some time.

Tomorrow may be just the day you’re looking for.

Stay Safe X

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