Four Stars

I have finally had my first ever peer review of my second anthology Scribblology.

What can I say other than I’m blown away by this detailed review of my work by Realistic Poetry International. This has also helped me feel better about what I do, what I mean is it’s given me the validation I needed to believe in myself and feel that maybe I am a poet.

I thought I would share the review with you.

Stay Safe X

Scribblology by Author Bob Christian Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Right off the back, it’s easy to sense Author Bob Christian’s bold personality through his outspoken, candid introduction, briefly providing us with a snapshot of his life’s journey, from his youth to present day, paying much esteem to his family, especially his wife and children. In fact, in the first poem of this book he says,

“…when I’m on top of the world – Thoughts racing at a million miles per hour, like the beautiful day my angels came into this world.” Comparing the apples of his eye to heavenly, divine beings.

And with life and its adversities confronting him on a daily basis, at times, even challenging his mental capacity (Cerebral Overclock, pg. 10), an ethereal aura of love, family, and support is the perfect antidote!

Firstly, we commend Author Bob Christian for sharing his truth and experience in living with autism, a complex neurobehavioral condition that primarily impacts a person’s social life, communication skills, and speech/behavior, covering a broad range of symptoms, skills, and impairment.

Unashamed of his identity and all of what it encompasses, the Author immediately addresses how regardless of his diagnosis and its effects, autism makes him no less than the next man, and we are completely in awe of his nonchalant, positive spirit towards this reality!

In the poem, “Cerebral Overclock,” he writes

“You think just because you have a few pieces of paper from an adult education center you’re smarter than me? Because I’m on the autism spectrum? Disorder? Not a bit.”

Though his words may come off a bit strong to some, his strength, as he explains in his poetry, is nearly a necessity and assists him in conquering challenging goals that he must overcome in his life in order to adapt to unfamiliar situations.

Yet and still, Bob tells us how there are most certainly attitudes AND certain phrases, like when people say to him, “you don’t look autistic (One Little Phrase, pg. 9),” that easily spark the fuse to his anger – and he doesn’t hold back in expressing his frustration with these types of attitudes and outlooks.

Bob Christian suggests in response to this that people, at least, try to think first BEFORE verbally judging someone based on their external circumstances or appearance. His underlying point, we’re sure, resonates with many who have also encountered a similar situation.

Focusing back in on his personal life, Author Bob Christian stands tall for love in the poem, “Invisible Enemy,” and is prepared to protect the queen of his kingdom at all costs! Flowing with a passion as vibrant as rubies, he extols his wife’s very existence and vows to never betray his partner, ever again, openly confessing to past mistakes he’s made that nearly stole their entire beautiful, happy life.

There is no doubt that the sincerity and honesty in his words reflects his experience with adversity, conflict, and tribulation. In many poems, conveying his tempestuous disposition, verbally bashing people, ideas, and practices he believes are truly ineffective, vain, and provoke bad rather than good, especially when it comes to helping and comforting humanity.

A pivotal example of this perspective is visible in the poem, “Cheer Up.” In the format of a list numbered 1-7, Christian explains the details behind his thoughts when someone tells him to, “cheer up,” in response to his “neurological state of depression and anxiety.”

Without apology, he tells his targeted audience that the “great anti-depressant” phrase, “CHEER UP,” doesn’t work when the issue at hand is a part of one’s everyday life; inevitable and unavoidable, no matter how many positive words one may conjure.

While we understand and admire his honesty, we cannot deny the flagrant and fierce approach in how the Author conveys his words and feelings. Poems such as “Estate of Mind” go on to explain how Bob Christian views the world we live in, as a ‘depressing reality’ that ultimately takes a huge toll on all human beings. This poem addresses other important societal issues such as financial problems, poverty, stature, and the cost of living.

We love the poem, “Angels,” a tribute and dedication to his blossoming seeds that delivers an eternal promise no child can ever forget, securing his children’s heart with a dad’s safety, guidance, and wisdom, and signing off on his promise with his life.

And he doesn’t forget to pay homage to those he calls his friend as in the poem, “Goodbye Old Friend,” which ironically, is a poetic dedication to all of the furry companions who have passed on from our earthly world. Its message is compassionately thoughtful and is a great example of the emotion, empathy.

In addition to this, other poems such as “Internal Universe,” and “Fairytale,” also reveal a softer side of the Author compared to other poems in the collection, as he travels down memory lane and reminisces on some of the most sentimental moments he can recall, like when he first met the love of his life, or how he admires and sees the internal universe within her virtuous soul. The love and adoration he has is truly remarkable and shines brightly.

In sum, we believe this collection cries tears of pain, weariness, and sorrow, even though it is clear Bob Christian is a fighter and will not relent. Death, love, mental health, family, friendship, adversity, and the battle of life are amongst the many topics discussed throughout the book, providing a variety of topics to ponder, from personal to social.

We rate this book with 4-stars and believe it is an honest poetic testimonial written from the soul and heart.

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