Home Strait

I can hardly contain my excitement at the moment as I’ve finished all my hard work and contributions to my latest project. It’s now all in the hands of my wonderful and long-suffering wife.

This is my third anthology to date, and possibly my last (but who knows). It’s called Alexithymia and I’m very excited. I can’t wait to share it with the world, but I have decided to wait until 2019 to officially release it.

In the meantime Mrs Bob is now doing all the hard work: editing, proofing, formatting, organising and generally polishing it so that it’s accepted by Amazon Publishing – and fit for human consumption. This is the hardest part with any literary project, as it’s all well and good having ideas but it takes the hard work and professionalism of those behind the scenes to make it shine.

So while things are on the home strait for us now, this is truly where the real graft begins. Stay tuned for further updates, and a huge thank you in advance to Mrs Bob for all her hard work.

Stay Safe X

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