By Bob W Christian

I’m an alien, desperately
Trying to find somewhere,
That I can call home. A
Place where I belong,

I’m a global citizen, escaping
Across this vast distance.
Abandoned. Orphaned.
Scared and Alone,

Two histories, yet I’m
Abandoned by both.
Trying to find
Spme kind of peace.

Misunderstood; feared
By most I meet; never
Truly belonging, but
I’ll always be longing

Homeless; my culture
Scattered among the
Heavens; lost to the
Harshest elements.

My story is a desperate
Warning to all, of tales
Never to be repeated.
Yet they will be.

You may call me refugee,
Alien. In my homeland
I am simply me. Human
Lost. Homeless. Tired.


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