By Bob W Christian


Have you forgiven those
Who hurt and abused you?
No, never! I hear you cry.
Then they still have control.

Some people will go their whole
Lives never forgiving or letting
Go of their pain; so wrapped up
In their hatred, vengeance, anger.

Causing physical and emotional
Damage to themselves, simply
‘Cause they think that to forgive is
A sign of weakness. I’m telling you

That’s not true. It takes strength,
Wisdom, and courage to choose
A better, enlightened path in life.
Achieving this is relatively simple.

Put yourself in their position.
If their pain, experiences, thoughts
Were yours, would you act any
Differently? I doubt it, if you’re honest.

Remember, ‘Hurt people hurt people’.
The parent who wasn’t there;
The ex who broke you. Free yourself.
Forgiveness begins by letting go.


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