By Bob W Christian


I wish I could go back to
When you didn’t even
Know my name. Now I’m
Trapped a nightmare.

Sleepless nights leave
Me constantly burnt out.
Thought I’d be happy, that
It’d cure my depression .

Watching my Illness in
Real time, I can’t lie.
Miss when time, felt
Like it was truly mine.

I’m sick of it all, you’re
Waiting for me to
Relapse, fall back
Into being the old me.

Made up your minds
Before even seeing
The way I am now, tired
Insecure, dying daily.

I miss when I didn’t
Have my therapist
On speed dial, scared
To explain how I feel.

Instead! I’ll reach for
A tablet, while you’re
Poking holes, instead
Of letting me float.

(C) BobChristianpoetry

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