Open Letter

Family Christmas (c)BobChristianpoetry

This is an open letter to my family, friends and to anyone who knew him. Those of you who know me personally, will know just how much I loved, adored and respected my late grandfather, Walter S Christian. He was, and still is, a role model and the benchmark of what a gentleman should be. He has had a huge hand in creating the man I am today. I’ve got lots of lovely memories of our time together, and just writing this makes me very emotional because…

The last time I saw him, was during a visit to see him in hospital on my way to Nottingham with a mate on our motorcycles, to spend another Saturday afternoon being Mallrats. I got my grandad a paper, and spent some quality time with him. When I left, he turned and said (unbeknownst to me) his final words to me. “You will come and see me again, won’t you son?” To which I replied “I promise.”  Little did I know I’d never get to tell him how much I loved him. This is a burden  that I’ve carried for a number of years. Fortunately when his wife, my grandma, passed away I was able to tell her.

As I said, I’ve lots of lovely memories of the man who’s the inspiration behind my whole brand. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me using the family name for my brand of poetry, and creativity. As he was a very talented artist, I have a few of his works in my home. He used to spend time with me at the kitchen table, helping me to paint my latest Warhammer figure from Games Workshop. He spent a lot of time in the shed and greenhouse. I digress down Memory Lane… but although I have all these lovely memories of my grandad, I’d like to ask   you – my family, friends and those reading this who knew Walter, to share any memories, or  information – anything you might know about Walter S Christian with me. 

Email them to me at

Thank you so much. It will mean the world to me.

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