See Me After Class

It seems that the summer vacation has, for me and many others, ended and we are back to another semester of English classes. For those of you who don’t know, I am actually now enrolled on a course to imoreover my English. As a dyslexic writer, blogger and somewhat of a poet, I thought that it might be helpful to learn to actually correct my own writing or at least make my English better so that it’s less work and less stressful for my proofreader, Mrs Bob, who is a fully trained proofreader (and a grammar freak though she doesn’t check this blog)… but shhh don’t tell her I said that, eh.

Before we broke up for the summer holidays I had been doing an English course once a week and had managed to get to grips with a class full of strangers (OK 6 but it’s still a big deal) and managing to cope. Imagine my horror when not only was I a week late back due to an organisational issue (I’m not very organised is the issue) but that the class was now 11 people and only 2 of them I knew from before. This was going to be a very long class and I felt very uncomfortable to say the least.

My anxiety levels were rising fast. I had people sat next to me I didn’t know or had said could invade my personal space. One teenage lad with an emo look was sat across the class and every time I looked up, he was staring at me. I have to wonder if this was real or perceived by my Asperger’s making me almost like a paranoid android. Then I happened to make a comment to the lecturer about disability markers on a form I was filling in, as it had ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as one and Aspergers Syndrome as another. All I said was I found this strange, as Aspergers is technically on the ASD.  At which point the 17 year old next to me said “Asperger’s is nothing to do with ASD”.  I went to disagree and she continued “I should know my friends brother thinks he has it!”

Well that’s OK then, you’re perfectly placed to make that statement.  Maybe the English Psychiatrist’s Society would like to take note of this ground-breaking research!! For those who are struggling, I’m being sarcastic. I’ve only lived with this gift/curse (you choose) for nearly 40 years and I like to think that I have some awareness of what it is. This class is going to be very hard work  – that is, if I manage to stick it.

Stay safe x

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