Smelling the Roses

I must say that it was nice to have a few days away from everything and just relax with Mrs Bob and enjoy the fresh air, sea view, beautiful scenery, etc. The reality is that upon my return home I had a mountain of work to catch up on. I say work, but it’s really my hobby. I read, review and sometimes promote new indie comic books and Kickstarter projects for a website. This is me utilising my narrow field of focus, plus I get to read lots of new comics for free which is great.

Typical, though, that while I was away for two days, my emails had exploded with at least ten projects needing to be looked at from various publishers. This is unusual, as I might get two submissions a month normally, so this was a huge increase in work. So I did the only thing I could do… I put on the latest episodes of The Walking Dead and Arrow – both shows I like, but that Mrs Bob isn’t keen on – and started reading some of the submissions (free comics) and writing the basics of a review so that Mrs Bob could proofread it for spelling, etc. (I’m Dyslexic as well as an Aspie).

This may not sound like work or pressure to most people and I guess it’s not really. It’s just my brain and its Aspie firmware that drives me to push myself so hard and not let up. It was at this point that I really valued my time away, even though it was just a night away in a beautiful place with the woman I love and who tolerates so much. It’s the little things that you have to take the time to do and appreciate. We become so wrapped up in what’s happening around us with work, family, friends, social media, etc.  I’m aware of the irony of this – that we often forget to just stop the world for a minute, appreciate the beautiful things in our lives and smell the flowers.

Stay Safe X


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