Touchy Feely Time

Today has been a very relaxed day; really a day of spirituality and of reflection. It began with a nice relaxed lie-in with a coffee and reminiscing with Mrs Bob. Before I go any further, I should point out that three years today was the day Mrs Bob and I stood before our family and friends and declared our love for each other and began this crazy journey that is our married life.

After a nice chat and opening cards, etc, it was time to do what I do every winter solstice – sit and watch the sun rise while reflecting on life and the last few months. You see, for me and many other pagans, druids, wiccans, etc, the winter solstice is an important sabbat or holiday. It signifies that, as the wheel of the year turns, the days will now become longer.

Then we decided to have a nice romantic lakeside breakfast before going up to the spa for an anniversary treatment. Now I’m an enlightened bloke and don’t mind going to health spas with my wife, but as an Aspie, I find them strange and awkward in all honesty. This was no exception. It began with the health questionnaire and small talk (I don’t mind the health questions, as they’re always about allergies and heart conditions it never says ARE YOU AUTISTIC? so it’s ok) but I really don’t do well at the small talk bit and that’s before the massage has even begun.

That’s when the real fun begins – the masseuse will try to tell you to get comfortable (harder than it looks) while they leave the room. Then the touching begins and lasts for what seems like an eternity. Fortunately, I wasn’t totally freaked out by the touching as it was a back and neck massage, and I was lucky that the masseuse wasn’t feeling at all chatty, so the only uncomfortable bit was when my lower back (near my butt) was being massaged. That was a tad awkward for me, as only one woman is OK to go there.  But we both felt generally very relaxed afterwards. We decided to have a spot of lunch and spent the afternoon watching some of the latest box sets we are getting into – Season two of the cop drama Ashes to Ashes.

We were so chilled out after the treatment, this was the perfect way to get ready for a gorgeous anniversary meal at the resort restaurant.  This was the highlight of my day.  A chance to enjoy some very fine food and drink and the company of my best friend and wife. This is somewhat of a rare treat for us, as we both have dietary problems and due to this we normally don’t go out to eat as it can be a nightmare for us; plus, if the kitchen staff/chefs should get things wrong, which can happen, it can make us very poorly or even hospitalise us. The chef had emailed us before we arrived, and had a special menu ready for us, including a new dessert he had specially made for Mrs Bob and boy did it have the wow factor. We really loved the meal and left feeling very full and ready to crash out in our room and get an early night…..

Stay Safe x

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