Season Two Episode One

I have had an extremely relaxing week off before starting my new job… a week of endless possibilities! I could do so many things with this new-found freedom. “So what did you do, Bob?” I hear you ask. I did just what I wanted to do … I went to my local comic book store and spent some time geeking out. I went to my all-time favourite coffee shop which serves the best Creme Brûlée latte in the south Devon area. I even drove all the way to Bude with Mrs Bob and the mother-in-law who is back in the country for a while, while Mrs Bob delivered some training. This gave me a chance to practice my solo ‘small talk’ skills while we waited for my lovely wife. .

I ended up really relaxing, and focusing my mind on what was coming next. This new, exciting but quite daunting chapter of my life that is about to begin – Season Two., if you like. A new location, new cast members and very interesting bunch of people. I’m looking forward to this new challenge; I have spent a week getting ready for this challenge and, despite a few nerves, I think … no damn it, I know I can do it. .

My first night was, thankfully, a very slow and steady start, which was great. It gave me a chance to figure out what goes where and who’s who, etc. It will take me a while to remember the names of everyone I work with, etc, but I’m getting there and seem to be fitting into my new role very nicely. The other staff are young (in fact the same age as my kids!) but they know their stuff and need very little supervision, which is great news as I can focus on other tasks. The people are a really nice bunch,

All in all, I think I have found a very nice new job and I can’t wait to share the ramblings from season two with you all.

Stay Safe X

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