For the Trolls

“911 what’s your emergency?”

“Somebody has just used an

Incorrect term online and I’m

Hurt and offended! Call the PC

Police, lock his ass up for life.”

What? Wait, you’re crying ‘cause I

Accidentally used the wrong

Term? Jesus, son, don’t you

Think there are much bigger

Issues facing us as humans?

Why not pop down your local

Hardware store to “take a fence”

Rather than calling in the entire

101st Chairbourne division. All

You keyboard warriors need a life.

Why not stop for just a minute?

Step back. Take a breath or two.

Look at the context that my words

Were used in. That’s right – it’s

Just a simple misunderstanding.

If, after all that, you’re still offended

Then maybe the internet ain’t the

Place for yo’ ass.  Unlike you, I’m not

Bothered by some random words

Put there by some drama seekers.

It’s all about the context I’m using.

If I wanted to hurt and offend, trust me,

You’d know about it. I don’t do

Subtle. Remember “Battle Cry”?

I’m ready for another round, fuckers.

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