What the Critics are Saying

Alexithymia by Author Bob Christian Reviewed by Realistic Poetry International

Author Bob Christian’s book, “Alexithymia,” the second published work of poetry we have had the opportunity of reading and reviewing, is a collection that represents the Author’s reflective state of mind surrounding a plethora of themes, concerns, and topics such as planet earth and our environment (18 Minutes), humanity and the remarkable power of words (Sticks & Stones), dreams and ambition (Visions; Impossible Dream), and helpful, constructive advice to assist others through life’s inevitable ups and downs (Stop).

A brief yet thorough collection, Author Bob Christian’s genuinely empathetic, bold, and harmonizing aura is nearly impossible to escape while reading the poems in this book, as he demonstrates a sincere and compassionate heart for humanity in addition to admitting the truth of all our differences, focusing greatly on who we are on the inside rather than our mortal external shell.

To amplify this thought, in one poem, “Grand Leveller,” Christian says;

“It’s not rich or poor, black or white. It’s the universal constant that binds us. The sooner we

realise this truth, the sooner we become true human beings.”

Views such as this are enlightening, and in a certain sense, tear down many barriers and walls that naturally cause division, separation, and in some cases, inequality, amongst us occupants of earth such as vices like racism, sexism, and/or other forms and types of discrimination.

A humble mind aged with experience and wisdom, we absolutely appreciate and respect this Author’s courage to be honest and imperfect throughout the poems in this edition, freely capable of admitting personal truth’s such as his blurry recollection of his time and days spent as a student in class saying,

“I had learnt nothing useful like how to file taxes, or fill in application forms, or balance finances, or buy a home (Eyes Down).”

Regardless of whether one personally agrees or not, the Author’s testimony is compelling and speaks for a multitude of individuals who may feel similar about their own experience in the school setting.

With the mention of student loans, college seems to be the Author’s center focus in this particular poem – essentially challenging the popular ideology of school being useful or beneficial to one’s future to the point where he says;

“Looking back at my time spent Sat up straight, with eyes down. The lessons I was taught back then, In all honesty, I’ve forgotten.”

Aware and discerning, Christian also takes time to focus on the importance of friendship in his poem entitled, “Friendship,” reminding us to understand and consider the value of a friend just as much as you do the unseen or ‘unfound’ value in a total stranger, supporting his view with the explanation that:

“a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met. There’s more to life than where you are now.”

By this one line, alone, it is easy to see with our own eyes Author Bob Christian’s open and unbiased perspective, slightly atypical from some of the more reserved and traditional points of views of our world where judgement has no limits.

In addition to this, the poem offers advice from a realistic angle, respectfully cautioning us to beware of those who only call themselves a friend yet continuously hinder or attempt to weigh you down, which many can probably relate to in many different circumstances!

We enjoy reflective poems that convey wistful and sentimental accounts of past memories such as “Same Old Story” and “Tempera-Mental,” which use his own personal testimonies and experiences to compare an innocent child’s thoughts to a mature and experienced man (himself), who, since childhood, has come to understand the darkness of life saying,

“The darkness that resides inside

My soul; that long list of times… (Tempera-Mental)”

And, the inevitability of disappointment saying;

“When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be just like you.

Then I saw the truth, and gave up.

With this collection of poems including a steady mixture of emotionally-based poems focusing on self-esteem, confidence, choices, and mentality, plus other poems such as, “Wage Slave” and “Log Off,” which address social and political issues/trends, readers will have a great assortment of poems to transition between while reading, making it a diverse and well-rounded collection!

Bold, honest, and real, Author Bob Christian is one to tell it like it is and this book mirrors his brave heart, perfectly! And though some of his words may come off as a bit rigorous or severe, it is evident through his words and poetry just how much he truly cares about life, family, love, and people.

With this, we are glad to present this book with a 4-star rating and truly believe it is an expressively personal account to inform, inspire, and elevate.

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