Rainy Day Parade 2

Looks like you’re going to need your umbrella ella ella (sorry) because as you can see, it’s still raining on the this pity party parade.

Rainy Day Parade Vol 2

By Bob Christian

You need to stop crying ’bout

The game of life, ‘n’ how you’re  

Losing at it – kinda shit at it.

“Dad used to hit me”? Please. 

I had leather belts, fists, welts.

Told you last time. I wrote the

Book on abandonment issues,

Dearie. Want me to pass the 

Tissues? Dry those crocodile 

Tears? Fears of being lonely?

I’ve thrown you yet another

Rope. I hope you don’t claim 

I tried to hang you with it. 

Even your mother’s done 

With your lies – huge fallacies.

Just STOP telling these horror 

Stories. Your mask’s falling off;

It’s dropping, like your credibility. 

The darkness you claim surrounds

You, is home to me. It’s where I was

Created, years ago.  Yet you ignore

My hand, reaching out so many

Times, to pull you in. Back to

Safety. Maybe you just prefer

The cold and darkness?

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