Let Me

Here is one of my latest scribbles. In the Christian household, we have never really done Valentine’s Day on the 14th. We choose to do it on the 12th instead.

This isn’t some anti- Hallmark protest sentiment – rather, it’s to mark the passing of a wonderful man, Mrs Bob’s beloved father. He left us only three months before I met Mrs Bob and we are both very sad that I never got to meet him. Mrs Bob likes to think that his energy might have somehow influenced our meeting …

Yesterday, I was sat at home listening to my music, while Mrs Bob watched something on TV that didn’t interest me. I started scribbling about her, and a few minutes later I had this (at the time untitled) piece.

I’d like to dedicate this one to my late father-in-law, and to my beloved Mrs Bob on the anniversary of her losing her adored dad. Love you xx

Stay Safe X

Let Me by Bob W Christian (c) 2020

I just want you to know
When you’re feeling down
I’m lifting you back up.

Let me show you what
You’ve never had – a sense
Of love and protection.

Let me show how love’s
Supposed to be; you’ll
Feel it as intensely as me.

Let me show you the true
Beauty I see with my eyes,
When you’re blinded by life.

Let me love you for all our
Lifetimes. Grow old while
Never ageing, for an eternity.

Bob W Christian #Ap

Take my hand

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