Two Sides

It’s pretty obvious what this piece might be about. I felt inspired to write about something that happened many years ago, but I won’t expand any further on the subject. I’m proud of this verse, which I wrote today. I hope you enjoy it.

Two Sides (Return To Sender)

You said…

I was punching above my weight.

Truth is, the fight was fixed.

One hand tied behind my back,

Referee turning a blind eye

While you repeatedly

delivered low blows.

You said…

I was reaching, while you settled.

Truth is, the relationship

Was sinking. I was clinging to

The wreckage of second best.

You reaching up to your ex

On his pedestal.

You said..

I had lots of relationship issues.

Truth is, you just hid yours better.

You packed them up neatly –

Emotional baggage by

Louis Vuitton. Same problems

Classier façade.

You said …

I’d never find anyone like you.

Truth is, I’m glad that I didn’t.

(C) Bob W Christian 2020