Harvest Time

Lammas Loaf courtesy of the wonderful Mrs Bob

Coming at the beginning of August, Lammas is all about the grain harvest, and derives from the old English for Loaf Mass. It’s also said to mark the death and subsequent resurrection of the sun god,Lugh, giving it the name Lughnasadh. (pronounced loo’nass’ah).


Why the lesson in old English words or Celtic beliefs? Well, there’s a simple explanation: it’s a big part of being a witch, as it’s one of our eight major holidays or sabbats. This one reminds us that the first harvest of grain should be brought in, ready for the winter months ahead.

I thought I would share my ramblings on this with you…

If you would like to carry out a little Lammas ritual, this is an easy little one that you could use. For this Lammas or Lughnasadh, if, like me you can’t bake bread (thank you Mrs Bob and your kitchen magic), you could buy a loaf or other bread product.

Light an orange candle and whichever scent of incense you are comfortable with. Take the loaf off the altar and break it into four pieces, placing one in each corner of your dwelling. As you do so, say the following:

“I call upon the spirits of

North, South East & West

Use your power & this blessing

To protect this home and hearth.

Or you can use any words that are meaningful to you, or that you’re comfortable with. It’s really not about store-bought words, or memorising phrases. It’s about you as an individual, creating magical poetry, with words and intentions.

Another example of a harvest-based ritual is as follows:-

Take a piece of paper, write down the things you’ve harvested so far this year, the things that you’re blessed with – it can be as small or as big as you like – a new book, a second chance, whatever you feel.

Now set light to the paper, place it in a cauldron or other heatproof container. As it burns, say…

“Mother Goddess, Father God,

The true harvest of this year

Is as intangible and indescribable

As the subtle colours of autumn.

I give you thanks for these many

Gifts and blessings I’ve received over the last year”

Magic doesn’t need to take up time with elaborate ceremonies, it comes from inside. Use that old, beaten up fork, and let your energies flow into what you do.

Brightest Blessings & Stay Safe X

(C)BobChristianpoetry & SaffronWhisperwood