By Bob W Christian

Ladies and gentlemen
Sit down, take your seats;
The show’s about to start.

Welcome one and all!
Witness the greatest
Show on Earth!

See contortionists
Bend not only the
Truth, but reality!

See limbo dancers
Hitting all-time lows,
Ducking all responsibility!

See spectacular feats of
Misdirection, like cards
Conjured when it suits.

See all this, and so much more.
The greatest show on earth?
Or just in your deluded mind…

(C) BobChristianpoetry

Rogues Gallery

By Bob W Christian

I am nothing at all like

The devilish monster

You’ve painted on a

Canvas full of lies.

One more work of art,

Hanging side by side

With countless others,

Lining darkened walls.

Every one a violent

Reminder of wicked

Deeds inflicted. Always

On, but never by you?

Until you face your own

Ghosts, exorcise your

Demons, you’ll carry on

Adding portraits to this,

A never-ending gallery.

A memorial to your desperation.

Depression. Separation

Anxiety. Inside your mind.

(C) BobChristianpoetry