Old School

Old School

by BobChristianPoetry

I’m an OG

I was a geek before 

chic. 8-bit, pre-Sega

Mega driving games

On 48k tapes

Spending weekends 

In the school dungeon

With Dragons, Space

Marines, paint and dice.

Mayor West, Batman.

A team of superheroes

Villains. A playground 

Galaxy far, far away.

I’m an D20 wearing,

Sindarin speaking, 

Comic book reading,

MMORPG playing

Original geek.

NB You can also call me Rhiluron of Rivendell

(C) Bob Christian  

Poetry 101

(C)Bob Christian Poetry

Searching deep within me.
Down, where the light has never reached.

Searching my memories,
Looking for one of who I used to be.

Exploring, revisiting,
Reliving feelings lost. Recording them anew.

Words flowing out, Crimson on metallic paper. Like that night.

Standing, vocalising, terrible feelings, laid bare for your approval.

Head down, leaving the stage, it’s over I’ve given it my all.