Is speech really free?


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come to the realisation that in this day and age of bloggers, YouTubers, influencers and all that jazz, that we live in an age where anyone, big or small, can have a voice, express opinions. etc. We really need to step back and think about what we’re doing more than ever. I mean, when I was in middle & high school I, alongside most of the kids, would either make fun of people or be the but of the bullying.

I, unfortunately, was the latter. My nicknames included Cheers Ears, Wingnut & mostly Pob because my ears stuck out. I’ve had plastic surgery to correct them, not for vanity but I couldn’t hear very well behind me. The only record of this and other things that were said is in the memories of those concerned. I doubt they’ll even remember it really. The point I’m making is that nowadays with Anti-Social media platforms being so popular that if it happened today, then someone could screen shot it, make it a meme … any number of things that once on the interwebs it’s difficult to remove them.

I myself have a responsibility in this respect, as I have a nice sized audience online. I would call on all of you to try to stop and think before you post something that could be misrepresented, misunderstood etc. You may think you’ve made yourself clear, you maybe angry at someone you don’t know on the net. Words can be taken a number of ways or your hurtful comment could be the final straw in someone’s struggle. I know we have free speech but let’s use it constructively.

I’ve been asked many times who I’m writing my scribbles about I’ve even had someone tell me to delete some because they (wrongly) thought it was about them. So I of all people should know that words have different meanings. Today however somebody took my words and went in a total two x two is six million tangent. It’s then that I realised after reading these hurtful words that maybe some people need to turn their tech off and reconnect with their humanity before it’s too late. It won’t deter me from interacting with all you lovely peeps, but it’s made me cautious

Stay Safe X

B W Christian

Digital Bridges,

By Bob W Christian

To all the victims of these ville creatures, i stand with you. While yelling fuck off back into the darkness you crawled out of you pathetic pos, to those who dwell under these digital bridges…

Once upon a time,
Fairytales told us that your
Kind hid under bridges;
Away from the decent
Folk in the kingdom.

Plotting your revenge;
Trying to crush our
Spirits; our dreams.
Hoping it will make
Your life feel whole.

Cloaked in your pain;
Sadness keeping you
Company while you lie
In wait; poised, ready to
Strike your next victim,

Feeding on each one.
Hoping that this meal
Will satisfy the hunger.
Filling the void where
Your heart should be.

Claws wrapping around
Each of your intended
Victims, while they
Desperately plead for
Deliverance from you.

Parents unable to protect
Their precious young ones.
Monsters no longer lurk
In cupboards or under beds;
Now, they’re much closer.

Times have changed.
Your kind have swapped your
Clip-clop bridges for basements
With Wi-Fi; trying to destroy
All our happy ever afters.

Just Stop.

(C) BobChristianpoetry