Rainy Day Parade 2

Looks like you’re going to need your umbrella ella ella (sorry) because as you can see, it’s still raining on the this pity party parade.

Rainy Day Parade Vol 2

By Bob Christian

You need to stop crying ’bout

The game of life, ‘n’ how you’re  

Losing at it – kinda shit at it.

“Dad used to hit me”? Please. 

I had leather belts, fists, welts.

Told you last time. I wrote the

Book on abandonment issues,

Dearie. Want me to pass the 

Tissues? Dry those crocodile 

Tears? Fears of being lonely?

I’ve thrown you yet another

Rope. I hope you don’t claim 

I tried to hang you with it. 

Even your mother’s done 

With your lies – huge fallacies.

Just STOP telling these horror 

Stories. Your mask’s falling off;

It’s dropping, like your credibility. 

The darkness you claim surrounds

You, is home to me. It’s where I was

Created, years ago.  Yet you ignore

My hand, reaching out so many

Times, to pull you in. Back to

Safety. Maybe you just prefer

The cold and darkness?

Back to the Chair

Well that’s great. I got up this morning and my spine decides to get a mood on, leaving me in a lot of pain and discomfort and losing some sensation in my left leg. This normally wouldn’t bother me too much, as I’m used to it – it’s been an issue since I had a motorcycle accident in Nov ’03. I woke up the following day in hospital and since then it’s been a regular companion and problem in my life.

The issue is that I had a wedding to attend and a visit to see my daughter and my beautiful little granddaughter. I only get to see my granddaughter occasionally, although we do regularly video chat with her and my daughter. This wedding was a great chance to catch up on Mrs Bob’s family from up country. So you can imagine how fucked off I am to be laid up, whacked out of reality on some strong-ass prescription pain relief and muscle relaxants. I’m angry as hell because I’ve planned every little bit of the trip. Car serviced, once overed, then my body gives out on me. Folds faster than superman on laundry day, leaving me feeling like I’ve let down so many people. To my daughter, granddaughter, Mrs Bob & her family I’m very sorry.

Stay Safe X

Breaking News…

While I had some downtime at Geek Towers this week, Mrs Bob suggested I try something new. No, no, nothing like that, you filthy lot! She suggested I try to start a Patreon page to share my latest scribbles and whatnot.

I must say, I was unsure about this new direction, but having had a look and done my research, it does seem like a new way forward for me as a brand. I’m still going to keep blogging, raising awareness and the roof, but the difference is I’ll be dropping some of the freshest, slickest verses I’ve ever written (according to others) each month, on my Patreon page.

So, if you’d like to see my new work, plus random behind the scenes, pictures & videos and a chance to get a mention on all my future book releases, then click the link below and help support an Aspie as I try to raise autism awareness…and hopefully have a few laughs too, who knows.

Love to you all.

Stay Safe X

Patreon (The Aspie Poet)


This weekend, I came across some frightening and shocking statistics about suicide. 800,000 people a year take their own lives. That’s a life every 40 seconds.

This reminded me of a podcast I had done about suicide a while back. It is a very dark subject, but is, nevertheless, one that we really need to start discussing, rather than brushing it under the carpet and pretending it doesn’t happen.

The fact is that suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged between 20-49. This is all males, not just autistic males, but over 60% of newly-diagnosed autistic adults report contemplating taking their own life.

These figures are so awful. We are starting to talk about mental health in general, but more needs to be done to help people away from that awful end. To know that they are not alone.

It inspired me to put pen to paper. Although it might not directly help anyone, you never know. And it’s my way of sorting things out in my own head too.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my latest scribble.


According to recent statistics, 800,000

People die a year at their own hand.

That’s a life lost every forty seconds…

Swallowed by a darkness they can’t escape.

A voice silenced, while screaming for help.

While constantly being told that mental health 

Isn’t a polite topic of family conversation.

That little voice keeping you awake at night…

It’s insomnia driving you to that final sleep.

Trying to craft the right words to explain why.

Carefully planning a departure on your terms.

The ‘phone call your loved ones will receive

In the early hours. Life, like a clock, keeps 

Counting down the lives, every forty seconds.

(C) Bob Christian 2020