The Comfort Zone

This week has been a different one than normal for a number of reasons.  My routine was out of whack for starters as I had Monday off work, which I don’t usually have. This made my Aspie mind struggle, as it felt like a Tuesday, which is my day off. I have a set routine of places I go, things I do and  I was having to do them on a Monday instead of Tuesday (as my long-suffering wife was going to get her very first tattoo on Tuesday). I was going with her to give her moral support as she was not sure what to expect. I have a fair bit of experience in the tattoo dept and was really happy to support her. Tuesday was a relatively nice day starting with the usual morning hot beverage and a nice relaxing drive to the studio.

While Mrs Bob was getting inked, which wasn’t going to be long, I caught up on some reading and reviewing for the nerdy stuff I do in my free time. I was really surprised by how quick the time went by and before I knew it she was done and dusted, and seemed to quite enjoy the whole thing. I must say that it looks very elegant and tasteful in my humble opinion.

This meant that by that afternoon I was back to my usual Tuesday routine, which includes a podcast session, some gaming and assorted stuff. The rest of the week was pretty much back to my normal routine which is something that I am very happy about. Today I have been pushing myself outside of my comfort zone big time but I will be enigmatic about that for now and leave that for another day.

I guess if anything, this week has taught me that you can be outside of your routine and or your comfort zone and it’s ok. It’s strange, confusing and can cause anxiety attacks, but it can be done. Why you would want to is the bit I can’t answer, but when it’s necessary… because life isn’t always predictable… it’s ok

Stay Safe X